Sanford School of Medicine Internal Medicine

Michael McHale Scholarship

Physical diagnosis is an art. Being a physician means using this art to put together the everyday puzzles encountered in patient care. The patient history, laboratory and radiology results always need to be combined with the physical exam and review of systems to fully assess the etiology of the problem and subsequently determine the plan of treatment.

This $2,500 scholarship rewards the medical student who receives the highest score on the OSCE exam or will be divided equally in the event of a tie for the highest score.

Katherine Bonnichsen, 2013 Recipient, with Dr. McHale

Previous Scholarship Recipients
Chelsea Tieszen, 2012
Aaron Ankeny, 2011
Halie Vosler, 2010

Carissa Pietz, 2009
Justin Elhoff, 2008
Jenny Nelson, 2007
Theresa Oey-Devine, 2006
Kristina Buchholz, 2005