Sanford School of Medicine Internal Medicine


  • Be recognized for outstanding achievement in education, research and patient care.
  • Enhance the health care of the people of South Dakota and the region by providing superior education to medical students, residents, physicians and other health care providers and by supporting innovative research and scholarship.
  • Be the academic home to internal medicine in South Dakota.
  • Reach out to all physicians, scientists and other health care professionals.
  • Build on the strength of diversity, dedication and enthusiasm of our faculty.
  • Build on our commitment to excellence in education and scholarship.
  • Foster collegiality, performance, community, professional development and personal satisfaction.
  • Develop leaders in medical education, clinical care, research and scholarly activity.
  • Collaborate with other medical school departments and research institutes to achieve goals.
  • Emphasize moral integrity, high ethical standards, compassion for the sick and disadvantaged, commitment to lifelong learning and service and adaptability to change.
The third-year Internal Medicine Clerkship is 10 weeks with five weeks in the inpatient setting and five weeks assigned to a clinical faculty member for a predominately outpatient based experience in the clinic setting. Fourth-year Internal Medicine rotations emphasize electives such as dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonology, renal medicine and many others which are offered to provide educational breadth and prepare the student for Residency.

The Department of Internal Medicine has two scholarship funds. The John L. Boice Scholarship is given to a 2nd Year Resident interested in research. The Michael McHale Scholarship honors the medical student with the highest score on the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

The Internal Medicine Residency Program prepares graduates to practice Internal Medicine in a variety of settings: consultative; inpatient, including the ICUs; and outpatient. The program places education first and clinical service second, resulting in a manageable case load and call schedule. The Internal Medicine Program received a three-year accreditation January 25, 2008. The program is accredited through the 2011 academic year.