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2001 pain surveys

Schrader, S.L, Nelson, M.L., Halbritter, S., & Eidsness, L. (2005).  South Dakota pain surveys:  Results from 2001.  South Dakota Journal of Medicine, 58 (10): 423-431.

Concerns about pain management in South Dakota generated survey research in 2001. Knowledge of and attitudes toward pain management were assessed through a survey of health care professionals, and standards of practice and education efforts in the area of pain management were evaluated by a questionnaire sent to South Dakota health care facilities. Results show gaps in knowledge, attitudes that hamper adequate treatment of acute and chronic pain, and the need for a seamless approach to standards of practice in pain management for health care facilities. Results and recommendations for interventions and future research are discussed.

PMID: 16425943 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]