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2003 interdisciplinary palliative care education

Schrader, S. L., Nelson, M. L, Eidsness, L., Benedict, L., Brechtelsbauer, D., Corum, S, Dachtler, C., Harris, J. G., Hearns, V., Hedges, D., Heins, J., Holland, P., Johnson, K., Schmid, L., Schroeder, P., Schuller, L., Scott, H., & Tibbits, G. M. (2005).  Education in end-of-life care:  Bridging disciplinary and institutional boundaries.  South Dakota Journal of Medicine, 58 (9), 379-388.

This paper describes the development of an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional seminar in palliative care for South Dakota students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, chaplaincy, and social work. Student outcomes from six seminars conducted during 2001-2004 are reported, and recommendations for future educational efforts are outlined.


PMID: 16422552 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]