Sanford School of Medicine LifeCircle South Dakota

Become Involved

Quarterly Conference Calls
The purpose of the quarterly conference calls is to connect South Dakotans interested in palliative, end-of-life and hospice care and to truly make LifeCircle South Dakota a statewide organization.  Participants at the 2006 and 2007 conferences have continued to maintain an active interest in these calls — sharing ideas, solving problems, identifying needs to pursue collaboratively, and comparing programs.  To find out when the next conference call occurs and how to get connected to the call, please contact Becky Hinton T 605-357-1331.

Committee Participation
If you would like to participate in one of LifeCircle South Dakota’s many activities and standing committees, please do!  Some of the activities and committees include:
  • LifeCircle South Dakota Advisory Committee
  • Academic Work Group (overseeing the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Seminar)
  • Public Policy (spearheading interests in public policy and legislative changes)
  • Conference planning
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Community outreach.

Let us know of your interests, and we'll make every effort to integrate you into the workings of LifeCircle South Dakota.

You may have ideas and recommendations for activities that we haven't been able to yet address or expertise that would strengthen LifeCircle South Dakota, so join in!  To share your interests with us, please contact Becky Hinton at 605-357-1331, and she will put you in touch with other interested parties.