Sanford School of Medicine M.D. Program

Diversity, Research, Service

Diverse Student Experience
  • We are committed to providing opportunities for all residents of South Dakota to become a doctor of medicine.
  • Diversity opportunities are part of several of our first- and second-year courses.
  • Third-year students engage in a week-long cultural immersion to explore health care customs and issues in a variety of diverse populations.  
  • Our diversity initiatives are directed by our Office of Diversity Affairs, including our Indians Into Medicine Program (INMED).  
Research Opportunities for Our Students
  • The Medical Student Summer Research Program offers one-on-one basic science or clinical research experience during your first two years.        
  • During Student Research Day students present the results of their research efforts to their faculty and classmates.       
  • The Scholarship Pathways Program and the Physician Scientist Program provide additional opportunities for research.      
  • Opportunities to pursue research outside of the medical school also are available with affiliated hospitals and organizations.  
Service Opportunities Our Students Have Experienced
  • International health care experiences around the globe.        
  • Volunteering as part of the cultural immersion project at settings that include Indian reservations, Hutterite colonies and care facilities for the disabled, deaf and blind.       
  • Administering flu shots to elementary students as part of a statewide initiative.      
  • Training to deploy in case of a health care emergency.     
  • Organizing charity events to raise money for scholarships and domestic violence shelters.       
  • Creating the Coyote Clinic to provide health care for the uninsured and low income in downtown Sioux Falls.  
  • Our Scholarship Pathway Program also offers a service track.