Sanford School of Medicine M.D. Program

Residencies Chosen by SSOM Graduates

Sanford School of Medicine graduates are well prepared for residency in any field. We are especially proud that the majority of physicians in South Dakota graduated from SSOM and are very grateful for the continued support of all South Dakota physicians as teachers, role models and donors.

  • On average over the last 5 years, 23% of SSOM graduates did their residency in South Dakota
  • Of those who did residency in South Dakota, 61% entered a primary care specialty (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics)
  • On average, 77% of SSOM graduates did their residencies outside of South Dakota
  • Of those who did residency outside of South Dakota, 31% entered a primary care field
  • In total, 37% of SSOM students in the last 5 years entered a residency in a primary care field
  • Other specialties SSOM students chose included Pathology (4%), Psychiatry (7%), Anesthesiology (6%), Dermatology (2%), Emergency Medicine (7%), ENT (1%), Neurosurgery (1%), Neurology (2%), OBGyn (10%), Orthopedics (1%), Plastic Surgery (1%), Surgery (10%), Radiology (6%), Urology (2%).

  • National data show that 40% of SSOM graduates ultimately practice in South Dakota (10-15 years post-graduation).

 More information on residencies sponsored by or affiliated with SSOM can be found here.

 The most recent residency match list can be found here.