Sanford School of Medicine M.D. Program

Student Professional Support Services

Support Services Offered
  • Personal counseling and mental health services are coordinated by a coordinator is a registered nurse with a master's degree in counseling.      
  • The services are provided on all campuses using the Student Counseling Center in Vermillion and private mental health professionals on the clinical campuses. These professionals are not involved in the student's academic evaluation and the records of any counseling or mental health services are protected and maintained separately from the student's academic file. ·      
  • Some services are provided free of charge while others are on a sliding fee scale.
  • The medical school's group insurance plan has a $200 deductible and then pays 50 percent for outpatient mental health services.      
  • In addition to individual services, students have other programs such as the clinical mentoring program, the student spouse support group, and the Healer's Art elective.