Sanford School of Medicine Neurosciences

Extraordinary Scholarship

Many neurological problems are commonly encountered in general clinical practice. Our department teaches future doctors how to diagnose these common problems and how to effectively treat them.


We teach medical students each of their four years. Periodic medical correlations are done in the first year, and we teach neuroscience to second-year students as part of their introduction to clinical medicine. Third- and fourth-year medical students complete a neurology rotation and experience both inpatient and outpatient care. We also advance the profession through continuing medical education classes throughout the year.

Ethics & Humanities Section

The goal of our sections on ethics and humanities is to make sure that bioethics is incorporated into the curriculum at all levels of the medical school. We work collaboratively with other faculty to teach students ethics and humanities, and we lead seminars for faculty to help them stay current on the latest trends in this field.


Our department prides itself on excellence in education and scholarship. One of our most recent initiatives was developed new teaching materials on quality and safety that incorporate the best practices of the industry. We also conduct leading research in a number of areas, including multiple sclerosis.

LifeCircle South Dakota

This end-of-life coalition is represented by institutions, organizations and disciplines from across the state. The goal of LifeCircle South Dakota is to improve care at the end-of-life for the people of South Dakota.