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Parry Center FAQ

How do I get to the Parry Center?

The Parry Center is located in the lower level of the Health Science Center, located at 1400 W. 22nd St. in Sioux Falls.  ParryCenterGroup

How do I reserve a simulation room in the Parry Center?

Reserve a date and time by calling 605-357-1333 and speaking with Kim, our simulation coordinator.

If I am scheduled to be at the Parry Center at a certain time, is there any reason for me to arrive early?  

Five minutes ahead of schedule should be sufficient. If you have never visited the Parry Center, you will be asked to fill out a user confidentiality agreement. Parking is in the South Parking Ramp.  

What types of simulators does the Parry Center utilize?

We have an array of technology available to meet you objectives. Full body SimMan 3G and SimBaby are our high-fidelity mannequins. We can control physiology, and simulate invasive and risky procedures. We employ standardized patients (actors) to portray clinic-style patients. Advantages they can provide include the voice, emotion and diversity physicians will see in real-life settings. We have faculty on staff to assist with educating learners. The Parry Center also has a large number of Task Trainers. These are models that provide significant anatomical correctness of a region of the body. Each one features a skill that can be repeatedly practiced.

Visit our illustrated guide to the Parry Center's simulators. 

Who can schedule time in the Parry Center?

We are promoting an intra-disciplinary learning environment. When you arrive to do simulation, you may be teamed with a learner from a variety of medical disciplines. Paramedics, L.P.N.'s, R.N.'s, medical students and residents, and practicing physicians are all welcome to contact the center for training.