Sanford School of Medicine Pathology

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Striving for Excellence

Pathologists strive to improve the diagnosis, treatment and basic understanding of human disease. In addition, our department is dedicated to teaching the next generation of pathologists to bolster health care in South Dakota and the region. We also are dedicated to excellence in research and service.


Our department is unique in the medical school as a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical sciences. Some of us have backgrounds in basic science,some in clinical science and some in both.

Comprehensive Education
  • Specific didactic instruction
  • Appropriate academic environment, including a complete undergraduate medical technology program
  • A fully accredited four-year Pathology Residency Program
  • Continuing medical education from undergraduate through post graduate levels
  • An active research program both at the basic science and clinical levels
  • An active medical practice program to ensure faculty competence, to provide a role model environment for the students and to provide supplementary income to support departmental goals.