Sanford School of Medicine Project EXPORT

Community Outreach


  • Increase the capabilities of the Tribes to develop productive approaches to assessing the existing needs, resources and services available to support children residing on Reservations
  • Develop Tribally-tailored programs to address the factors that contribute to childhood obesity and to provide technical assistance, training and support to Tribal health and Tribal youth organizations to implement and conduct programs designed to prevent and reduce childhood obesity.  
Action Steps
  • The first task in this process is conducting Community Needs Assessments relating to the prevention of childhood obesity in the four participating tribes - Lower Brule Sioux, Eastern Shoshone, Crow Creek Sioux Ft. Peck.
  • Then EXPORT staff assist the Tribes in developing strategies to reduce and prevent obesity among Tribal children. Outreach and education programs have been conducted and project researchers have visited each Tribe several times to conduct meetings with Tribal Working Boards and Tribal Liaisons on what programs they would try to do to address the identified needs. Each of these Tribes are at different points in this process with the Eastern Shoshone and Fort Peck moving to implementation of interventions while the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe and Lower Brule Sioux Tribe are just now identifying their intervention and assigning a liaison and working group.