Sanford School of Medicine Project EXPORT


We operate through a five-year grant from the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, a center of the National Institutes of Health, to establish a Center for Health Research for Tribes in South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. We have developed an innovate approach which draws from the strengths of each partner and the relationships they have established.

  • Development and expansion of resources and capabilities for health disparities research focused on the American Indian population of the Northern Plains, encompassing Sanford School of Medicine (SSOM) faculty; the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council,  researchers affiliated with the Health Disparities Research Center (HDRC) at Sanford Research/USD and Tribal College faculty
  • Identification of key health disparities research issues for this population, through a collaborative process that ensures input and guidance from tribal leaders and community members in South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming
  • Conduct of research and pilot/feasibility studies that will provide the foundation for development of a research agenda on factors contributing to health disparities of Northern Plains Indians, relative to the population of the United States and relative to other areas in Indian Country
  • Development and assessment of culturally-appropriate community outreach and information dissemination materials and methodologies that will provide a foundation for future outreach and information dissemination initiatives
  • Development of collaborative working relationships among SSOM, tribal leaders and tribal college faculty/students that will enhance the value of health disparities research and applications of research findings to address and reduce health disparities for Northern Plains Indians