Sanford School of Medicine Project EXPORT

Research Education & Training


  • The primary aim of this Core is to increase the number of Native Americans who pursue careers in the health sciences, become successful members of the academic research community, and conduct research pertinent to minority health and health disparities.
Action Steps
  • To meet this goal, the project put together a mentoring program for faculty members at Sinte Gleska University (SGU) and has been developing a research-oriented curriculum at the college that will be available to students interested in pursuing a career in medical research. A local coordinating committee has advised and informed this curriculum development process. 
  • To raise awareness of research, the college has offered three research-related symposia. College administrators are planning a major event next summer (2010) to draw researchers from across the University system to their campus for the purpose of familiarizing the broader research community with the opportunities and challenges of working in the reservation environment. 
  • To help external researchers, the college has developed a manual describing the process and sensitivities which those from outside of the reservation need to be aware of if planning to do research on the Rosebud reservation.