Sanford School of Medicine Residencies


The Sanford School of Medicine offers a competitive benefits package, including full family health insurance coverage.

Stipends for 2014-15 academic year:

  • PGY1 - $51,500
  • PGY2 - $52,500
  • PGY3 - $53,500
  • PGY4 - $54,500
  • PGY5 - $55,500
  • PGY6 - $56,500

Residents/fellows new to SSOM GME also receive a $1,000 moving stipend.

Sample Contract

Health Insurance

Residents/fellows may choose from the following health insurance plans:

  1. $500 Single/$1,000 Family Deductible
    (resident pays difference between $1000 and $500 premium)
  2. $1000 Single/$2,000 Family Deductible
    (premium paid in full by school)
Vision Insurance

School pays total premium (single and family).

Dental Insurance

School pays single premium. If family coverage is elected, the resident/fellow pays the difference of $24.34 per pay period. 

Disability Insurance

School pays total premium. 

Life Insurance

School pays total premium. 

Professional Liability

School pays premiums.

Please review the Fringe Benefit Summary more detailed benefit information.