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Geriatrics Scholarly Activity

Publications and Research


David Sandvik, MD, FACP, CMD

Program Director

David Brechtelsbauer, MD, CMD

Key Clinical Faculty

  • Rakel's TEXTBOOK OF FAMILY MEDICINE Seventh Edition 2007, Chapter 62: Dementia, co-author with David A. Smith MD.
  • Brechtelsbauer D, Caring for Families, In P.A. Fenstemache and P. Winn (eds.), Long-Term Care Medicine, Humana Press, 2010, In Press.
Frederic Harold Thanel, MD, MPH

Key Clinical Faculty

  • Prostrate Cancer Screening: What's a Fellow to Do? FH Thanel, MK Huntington, South Dakota Medicine, Special Edition 2010 "Burden of Four Major Cancers" p. 41
  • FH Thanel, MK Huntington, Rational Screening Strategies, South Dakota Medicine, In Press, November 2010.

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