Internal medicine doctors use scientific knowledge and clinical expertise as they diagnose, treat and care for patients from healthy adults to those with complex illness.

Our department is committed to introducing medical students to the concepts of internal medicine as well as preparing residents for general internal medicine, hospital medicine or fellowship. We aim for an educational excellence, equipping the learner with the skills to:

  • Care for patients with empathy, compassion and kindness

  • Cope with ambiguity

  • Balance clinical objectivity with self-esteem

  • Work effectively as a member of a health care team

Our Vision

The vision of the Department of Internal Medicine is to be recognized for outstanding achievement in education, research and patient care.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Internal Medicine is to enhance the healthcare of the people of South Dakota and the region by providing superior education to medical students, residents, physicians and other health care providers and by supporting innovative research and scholarship.

Department Goals

The goal of the Department of Internal Medicine is to be the academic home to internal medicine in South Dakota. To accomplish this, the Department welcomes and reaches out to all physicians, scientists and other health care professionals. The strength of the Department of Internal Medicine is the diversity, dedication and enthusiasm of the faculty unified by their commitment to excellence in education and scholarship.

The Department fosters an environment that promotes collegiality, inclusiveness, performance, quality and safety, community, professional development and personal satisfaction. It works to develop leaders in medical education, clinical care, research, and scholarly activity. The Department cooperates with other departments in the School of Medicine and research institutes to achieve its goals.

We emphasize moral integrity, high ethical standards, compassion for the sick and disadvantaged, commitment to lifelong learning and service, and adaptability to change.