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MRI Outreach Activities

A component of the MRI is to promote the understanding and interaction with the river. This is accomplished through interaction with students and the public and is supported by MRI as described below.


Research Symposium

The MRI's Annual Research Symposium is a full day event consisting of presentations and posters by university, federal, state and local organizations where science, history and policy of the Missouri River are addressed. The symposium is attended by professionals, faculty, students and the public. A keynote speaker presents an evening lecture on a special topic.

Missouri River Basin Education Network

Designed with students, teachers, and the general public in mind, this project seeks to promote Missouri River education through information, interactive activities, and more. The Missouri River Basin Education Network website provides information and educational resources that cover topics related to the biology, geology, recovery efforts and history of the Missouri River.

MNRR Water Trail

The MRI is part of an effort to establish a formal Water Trail along the Missouri River from Gavin's Point Dam near Yankton, SD, to Sioux City, IA. This water trail will encompass the entire 59-mile segment of the Missouri National Recreational River, as well as an additional 20 river miles from Ponca, NE to Sioux City, IA. The 39-mile segment of the MNRR will be added to this water trail in the future.

A water trail planning group comprised of several federal, state, local, and non-profit organizations has been formed. This group is working on improving public access to the river, compiling float trip information, creating informational brochures and signs, and building an interactive website that can be used to plan float trips.

Missouri River Water Quality Database

The Missouri River Institute has built and maintains a water quality database containing results of water quality analyses for USD and other research projects. The database can be viewed online through an Interactive Map and Database of the Water Quality Monitoring Network.

Missouri River Steamboat Wrecks Database

The Missouri River Institute and the National Park Service are collaborating to build an online database and interactive map of steamboat wrecks on the Missouri River from Fort Benton, MT to St. Louis, MO. The database and interactive map will soon be available.

River Festivals

MRI faculty and students participate in various river festivals and events. This gives MRI an opportunity to educate and share information with a large number of K-12 students. The benefits of introducing students of this age to the Missouri River and issues facing it will be realized for generations to come.

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