Veterans' Services

Military Spouses and Children

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Federal Benefits
State of South Dakota

State of South Dakota benefits may have their own unique rules and requirements. If you have any questions please contact  or 605-677-8833 All state of South Dakota benefits applicants Must submit SDDVA Form E12

  • Free Tuition for Children of Veterans Who Die During Service
    • Student under 25 years old and SD resident
    • Veteran was SD resident and died during service
    • See SDCL 13-55-6 to 13-55-9 for more information
  • Free Tuition for Dependents of POW's and MIA's
  • Free Tuition to Child or Spouse of South Dakota National Guard member Disabled or Deceased in the Line of Duty
    • Child of SD National Guard member who was permanent/totally disabled while serving
    • See SDCL 33-55-10  for more information
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