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Informed Consent Templates and Waivers

Use these informed consent templates to make sure your consent contains all the required elements of informed consent.

Consent Statement Template-An informed consent without signature, usually for exempt projects, for Medical or Nonmedical apply for a waiver of documentation of consent.   Waivers                                
Cover Letter Template-For use with exempt projects only   Waiver of Documentation- Use to apply for use of consent without signature lines for Nonmedical and Medical.
Phone Script Informed Consent Template-Use when contacting subjects by phone   Waiver of the Process or Alteration of Informed Consent- Use to apply for not using informed consent or altering elements of informed consent
Statement of radiation risk    
Tissue and Blood Storage for possible future use with identifiers   VA Forms
Tissue and Blood Storage for possible future use without identifiers    VA Forms-VA research has a special
Addendum to Informed Consent    

Medical   Nonmedical
Medical Informed Consent Template-Use for     medical research   Nonmedical Informed Consent Template-Use for Nonmedical research
Medical Parental Informed Consent Template   Nonmedical Parental Informed Consent Template
Assent for minors and cognitively impaired-Medical Template   Assent for minors and cognitively impaired-Nonmedical Template
Informed consent template for humanitarian use device