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Oral History Digitization Project

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The University of South Dakota is home to the South Dakota Oral History Center.  The Center hosts an extensive collection of more than 8700 recorded interviews -- the oral histories and unique perspectives of South Dakotans from every county in the state and from accross the Northern Plains region.

Included in the Oral History Collection are 5500 interviews which preserve indigenous memories and experiences from the 1890s to the present.  This makes the collection an especially vital and  valuable record of the historical, social, and cultural legacy of the state.

To preserve this valuable collection and to make it more readily available to researchers and historians, a project is underway to digitize and catalogue the entire collection. 

The Oral History Center's Digitization Project is supported with funding from the U.S. Department of Education's FIPSE program.  Once completed, the project will provide national prominence for the South Dakota Oral History Center and for the state of South Dakota.   


Unique and personal stories from thousands of people who created South Dakota's history are contained in the SD Oral History collection.
Digitizing the Oral History collection will make the personal stories of thousands of South Dakotans available to researchers world-wide.