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3 Year Accelerated Programs

Accelerated Degree Programs provide students a creative and faster way to complete their college education.  By graduating in a short three years and entering the workforce sooner rather than later, students get a jump-start on their career.  Accelerated Degree Programs have a fast-paced, intense course schedule that allows students to know their class schedule from day one and continually move through the program toward completion.  Earning your Accelerated Degree from the University of South Dakota is a cost-effective way to enhance your career.

USD offers two Accelerated Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Recreational Management
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences:

Accelerate your career with a degree in Health Sciences!
The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Sciences accelerated 3 year degree program is a dynamic major that is interdisciplinary in nature and provides flexible options that allow students to prepare for many kinds of careers related to health.  The major provides the opportunity for students with a general but unfocused interest in the health professions to explore the many opportunities in the field and to develop the knowledge, values and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in today's health and human service settings.  The accelerated BS in Health Sciences degree will qualify students for entry into graduate programs in a specific health profession, entry-level employment in heath care or health care related positions and educational mobility for individuals who wish to advance their education.

Bachelor of Science in Recreational Management:

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Recreational Management in as little as 3 years!
If you are looking for a career as a teacher or a leader in the health-fitness, physical activity, sport or recreation settings, you are encouraged to consider the B.S. in Recreational Management.  From an award-winning staff, students are actively engaged in the practice and study of physical activity, sport, recreation and health.  With your education in Recreational Management, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in helping people make decisions regarding lifestyle and health.  You will develop knowledge of strategies, leadership skills and the technical ability to be an advocate for and contributor to the discipline.


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