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Summer Teacher Programs

2014 Summer Programs for K-12 Teachers and Administrators
College of Fine Arts

Frogman's Print Workshops

Frogman's humble beginnings date back to 1979 when Professor Lloyd Menard led five school teachers from Sioux City, Iowa to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a drawing class.  Prints were first introduced in1981 and the workshops evolved into the Black Hills Print Symposium, which took place at various sites in Western South Dakota. The Black Hills set an amazingly beautiful backdrop to the workshops,but by 1996, the workshops had outgrown the confines of the Hills and were moved to Beresford, South Dakota, home of Frogman's Press & Gallery.  The workshops would only spend two years based out of Beresford before moving to Vermillion, South Dakota and the tremendous facilities of the Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts at The University of South Dakota.  Frogman's Print Workshops will be celebrating their 32nd anniversary this summer.

Please register for Frogman's using the Frogman's Registration Form.  Frogman's registration is open September 1st through July 1st.  Please call for availability after April 15th, 2014.  For more information, please contact Frogman's at 605-763-5082 or the Division of Continuing & Distance Education at 605-677-6240.

Contact Information: For questions about the courses, please contact Jeremy Menard at


Course: ART 4/592: Printmaking
Credit Hours: 3 or 6
Session 1:
June 30 - July 5, 2014
Session 2: July 7 - 12, 2014
Instructor; Jeremy Menard
Location: Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts, USD, Vermillion, SD

Course Description:

For these courses, students will complete a multi-plate print.  Plate preparation, image development on several plates, image transfer methods (onto the plate and plate-to-plate),accurate plate registration and printing, and ink modification will be covered.  Discussions about content and imagery,aesthetics, professional practice, and anything else constructive will also be welcomed.


Artist's Books

Course: ART 4/592: Artist's Books
Credit Hours: 3 or 6
Session I: June 30 - July 5, 2014
Session II: July 7 - 12, 2014
Instructor: Jeremy Menard
Location: Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts, USD, Vermillion, SD

Course Description:

These classes will teach the basics of conservation level book binding techniques and are suitable for beginner and intermediate binders.  The course will cover basic book binding, but most of our time will be spent on more complicated historical structures. Students will also be learning the fundamentals of box-making and sculptural books.  Each student will make at least 4 historic models and one box structure to house them in. 


Graphic Design

Course: ART 4/592: Graphic Design
Credit Hours: 3
Dates: July 7 - 12, 2014
Instructor: Jeremy Menard
Location: Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts, USD, Vermillion, SD

Course Description:

Discover the possibilities that exist in the intersection of analog and digital processes. The combination of traditional printmaking with photographic, scanned, and hand manipulated digital imagery offers an incredible range of mark-making and expressive possibilities. This workflow offers great range and flexibility, moving from the computer to hand working then back to the computer again and finally a hybrid print. This method can be adapted to incorporate any traditional print method. For this class, students will combine digital imaging, a variety of output methods from inkjet printers,and traditional relief printmaking. We will discuss the merits of digital and  traditional processes as well as how to most effectively integrate the two. 

Bring your digital images, photographs, and drawings as a starting point for your projects. Other images and objects will be collected on site for scanning, photographing, or drawing as additional elements. Digital and hand manipulation will be covered in detail as well as transfer processes and subtractive techniques. Demonstrations will cover inkjet printing, paper coatings, and registration methods. Once the image is created digitally, there are many choices for the output of digital images–they can be printed on commercially coated inkjet papers or by creating your own inkjet coated papers;they can be used as transfers, or as elements in physical or digital collage.We will make two separate relief prints during the workshop, one where the woodblock will be the key image and the other where the block will accentuate the existing digital image. Prior Photoshop experience is beneficial but not required. 

Band and Choral Institute

The University of South Dakota's Music Directors Institute is an intensive program designed to expose music teachers to the best in current and standard literature in addition to teaching methods and materials.  For more information, visit Band and Choral Institute.