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The Summer University Program of The Indian University of
North America Application Requirements:

In order to be considered for the Summer University Program of The Indian University of North America, students must submit the following:

  1. Completed Application Form. You may complete it online and print it out, and mail it, or submit the application via e-mail to  Receipt via e-mail will be recognized as signature. 
  2. Short essay on your reasons for desiring to attend the summer program.
  3. Proof of membership in federally-recognized tribe for preference consideration.   
  4. High school transcript and official college transcripts if previously attended college. Applicants must have successfully completed high school (regular curriculum) to be eligible to begin the program. Official high school transcripts verifying successful completion are required to be submitted by June 2, 2015. An unofficial high school transcript is acceptable to attach to this application.
  5. ACT or SAT scores and subscores are required.  Scores must be submitted with the application. The composite ACT score for regular admission is 21; the SAT score for regular admission is 990. ACT scores below 21 and SAT scores below 990 will be considered for provisional acceptance.
  6. One letter of recommendation. Letters should be written by those familiar with your high school work or, if you have been out of school for more than two years, by people familiar with your performance in the workplace. 
  7. Agreement to the Rules of Conduct.
  8. Students will be contacted if they are chosen for a telephone interview.
  9. Demonstration of some degree of post-secondary preparation (examples could include a completed application for admission to a college or university, completed FAFSA, and/or completed applications for various scholarships)

Applications that are not complete by the March 30th deadline will not be considered during the priority interview and selection process. Students applying or completing their files after the deadline of March 30, 2015, may be considered for acceptance on a space available basis after priority applicant decisions are finalized.

The following application materials are not required now, but required by June 6, 2015 if accepted to the program:

  • Official high school transcript. If previously attended college, official transcript of college work. Official means the transcript must be sent directly from the high school, college to the University of South Dakota.  The student may hand deliver if envelope is sealed. A 2.5 GPA is required.
  • Proof of tribal membership, if applicable.
  • Proof of Immunizations. (Measles, Mumps, Rubella; Hepatitis B immunization and Hepatitis B titer; Varicella/Chicken Pox immunity; DTP/Tdap; Polio; TB Skin Tests or QFT-G Blood Test).
  • Proof of medical insurance and copy of insurance card and ID#.
  • Submission of emergency contact information.
  • Medical prescriptions to assure adequate medication over the 8 week program.
  • Recommitment to agree to Rules of Conduct signed statement.
  • Tracking Authorization Form (FERPA) signed statement.
  • Photo release signed form.
  • Signed Computer Use Policy Statement.
  • Payment of $50.00 deposit and payment of $800.00 or authorization to deduct amount from student internship checks.

All documentation and application materials should be sent to:

Summer Program of the Indian University of North America
University of South Dakota
Attn: Crazy Horse Application
414 E. Clark Street
Vermillion, SD  57069