Summer School

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Crazy Horse Memorial Tuition and Fees

Accepted applicants will receive a scholarship for full tuition, cost of books and supplies, and a portion of food and lodgingAs a result, the students will pay an affordable rate of $800.00 for a food/lodging package.  Students may deduct the $800.00 owed for food/lodging package from their paychecks if they wish.  Payment may also be submitted at check in on June 7, 2014.  Students receive pay checks every two weeks for their work.  A minimum of 22 hours per week of internship is required.

Students will be provided access cards for entry to the university facilities.  Meals are provided at the Laughing Water Restaurant.  A refundable deposit of $50.00 is the other expense to students.  The $50 is refunded at the end of the program upon successful room exit check. 

TOTAL COST TO STUDENT: $800 Food/Lodging Package + $50 Deposit = $850.00


Accepted applicants will be placed in paid internships available at the monument complex in the following areas:

  • Tour Guide
  • Ticket Office
  • Welcome Center
  • Gift Shop
  • Restaurant and Snack Shop

The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation staff reserve the right to assign working internships.  Students will be assigned an internship based on the needs of the Memorial and the students' interest and experience.  This is a paid internship.  Consistent work hours will be established for each student and the student will work under the direction of a supervisor.  Students will be required to work every weekend.


Students must commit to the entire program.  The rigorous nature of the program means students will be busy every weekend.  Recreational activities will be schedule periodically for students throughout the 9 1/2 week program.

Computer Lab:

Students will have access to a computer lab for homework assignments.

Employment After the Program:

Students in good standing wishing to continue employment at the Memorial after August 12th, may be provided the opportunity to earn extra funding for college.  More details will be shared at orientation.

Transferring to College of Student's Choice:

Students must register for classes for the fall term at a college or technical school before the program ends - students can continue with USD or choose any college, university, or technical institute.