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Crazy Horse Student Testimonials

Class of Summer 2013 - Student Reflections


"The summer I spent in the Black Hills of South Dakota as a student at the Indian University of North America was hands down the absolute best experience I have had in my life. The staff and faculty showed they truly cared for your well-being and success. When many others were home during the summer doing nothing, there were thirty of us working towards beating a common stereotype of Native Americans, and I would say the Class of 2013 did an excellent job."

-Courtnye Neice, Cherokee, Oklahoma

 Courtnye Neice

"My experience with the Indian University of North America was one I will never forget. Crazy Horse was certainly a unique opportunity to gain college credits, internship experience, and meet amazing people."

-Alexander Zane Zephier, Yankton, South Dakota

 Alexander Zane Zephier
"This summer I was lucky enough to attend the Indian University of North America. I jumpstarted my post-secondary education, met lifelong friends, and realized I can accomplish anything. I had the time of my life this summer . . . it was truly an unforgettable experience."

-Molly Hagnauer, Illinois
 Molly Hagnauer

"The Indian University of North America summer program was a chance for me. . . a chance to go to college and make something of myself, a chance to improve the quality of my life and be successful, a chance to open doors to my future . . . the program meant everything to me."

-Dalton Pickering, Chickasaw, Oklahoma

 Dalton Pickering

"The Indian University of North America altered my life in a very positive way. The skills I learned while attending the program are priceless and will definitely be of use to me in the future. The memories that I acquired and the people that I met, will forever be a part of who I am."

-Mahto Smith, Cheyenne River, South Dakota

 Mahto Smith

"It is hard to explain how amazing of an experience Crazy Horse was . . . I learned critical skills for succeeding in college, as well as making memories and meeting people I will never forget. This experience changed my life completely and I wish I could go back and do it all over again."

-Ashley Ambriz, Navajo, Colorado

 Ashley Ambriz


"To be a part of the Indian University of North America is like becoming part of a whole new family; you meet other scholars that have the same motivation and goals you have, which is great. My summer at Indian University is an experience that I will never forget, not only because of the amazing time I had, but mainly because of all the awesome people who I was able to meet and create memories with . . . memories and faces that I will cherish in my heart forever."

-Jarrett Werk, Gros Ventre, Montana

 Jarrette Werk