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 2015 On-Campus Summer School

The 2015 on-campus summer school features accelerated degree programs, teacher workshops, Summer only Graduate Programs, hybrid programs, Youth Business Adventure 2015 and much more!

Summer Hybrid Courses:

Hybrid courses offer students the scheduling flexibility provided by online learning and the personal interactions provided by face-to-face learning while taking multiple credits during the summer.  Students may enroll in a series of summer hybrid general education courses which can accelerate your degree!

K-12 Teacher Workshops & Institutes:

We offer various courses and programs for teachers and administrators to expand their knowledge and experience in their field.  Some of the featured workshops we are planning are as follows:

Kid's University & Early Scholars:

Kid's University/Early Scholars is a program inspired by The University of South Dakota to promote learning.  Kid's University is for early learners from ages 8-13.  Early Scholars is geared for high school students to develop their skills and to prepare for college.  Early Scholars is an academic outreach program to expand postsecondary education opportunities to promote and cultivate a college going culture.  Learn More Today!

Accelerated Degree Programs:

Accelerate your career today!  Accelerated degree programs provide students a creative and faster way to complete their college education.  Accelerated degree programs provide a fast-paced, intense course schedule.  Earning your accelerated degree from USD is a cost-effective way to enhance your career.

Youth Business Adventure:

Youth Business Adventure (YBA) is a week-long summer program, sponsored by the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, planned and implemented by South Dakota business people for the purpose of opening the world of South Dakota business opportunities to the state's young people.  Our youth have little exposure to, and even less understanding of, the business world.  For the most part, their understanding of business is largely based on negative portrayals in the news, on TV, and in the movies.