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Summer Programs for Teachers & Administrators

2014 Summer Programs for K-12 Teachers and Administrators


College of Arts and Sciences
Dakota Writing Project

Course: ENG 592: Summer Invitational Institute
Credit Hours: 6
Course Dates: TBD
Location: The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S.D.
Instructors: The Dakota Writing Project Teacher Consultants
Contact Information: For questions, please contact Michelle Rogge Gannon at

For more information, visit the Dakota Writing Project.

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Course Description:

How do you inspire your students to write, to become 21st-century writers and thinkers?  How do you integrate CommonCore standards for writing into your teaching?  How do you find time to write yourself?  Where can you have invigorating discussions about writing with like-minded teachers?  Here is an opportunity to join a supportive community of South Dakota teachers known for their excellence, who can help you to address these questions and who can help you to become a more competent,confident teacher of writing.

DWP teachers earn six hours of graduate credit in English for attending the institute.  The Dakota Writing Project pays half of the tuition and full fees.  While participants are responsible for the remaining tuition, South Dakota K-12 teachers may be eligible for South Dakota's reduced tuition program, which typically pays half tuition. 

Digital Writing Sandbox

Course: ENGL 593: Digital Writing Project Digital Writing Sandbox
Credit Hours: 3 or 6
Location:  Online
Instructors:  Dakota Writing Project Teacher Consultants
Contact Information: For questions, please contact Michelle Rogge Gannon at

Please visit Dakota Writing Marathon for the most up to date course information.

Course Description:

Taking a 21-century approach, the Dakota Writing Project provides educators with a thoughtful, intensive exploration of a variety of technology environments and strategies for integrating writing and adapting these technologies appropriately for the classroom. The sandbox is offered entirely online, with both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous communication and activities, with the majority of online work occurring in July 2013, January 2014, and May 2014.

Science, Culture & History of the Missouri River

Course: ESCI/ELED/SEED 492/592: Science, Culture & History of the Missouri River
Credit Hours: 3
Course Dates: TBD
Location: TBD
Instructors: Tim Cowman, Mark Sweeney and Mark Dixon 
Contact Information: For questions, please contact Tim Cowman at

Course Description:

This interdisciplinary course has a focus on important topics concerning the Missouri River such as ecosystem restoration; impacts of dams, channelization, and flow modification; natural and cultural history of the river; and impacts of policy decisions on the river. The course will be a balance of in-class lecture and field trips to observe the Missouri River and its tributaries. The class will include material for K-12 teachers, but is open to all students. For more information visit