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The School of Education Research Center announces faculty mini grants twice per year to support faculty research. Funds may be used for research purposes, excluding travel to conferences but may be inclusive of travel to research sites for data collection. Expenditures must align with State and USD policies.

Funds must be spent within the fiscal year in which they were awarded. They will not carry over across fiscal years.

To apply, submit a letter, up to 2 pages in length that explains the nature of the research, its relation to your program of research, its importance to the field, how the funds will be used and other sources of funding. In examining the grants, we will take into account the feasibility of the study given the resources available. A request for a project that could not be successful without additional funds or resources that have not be procured is very unlikely to be funded.

See RFP for up-to-date information on deadlines and announcement of award winners.

Submit to:

Acceptable uses of funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment for data collection
  • Publication fees
  • Student assistance 
  • Tests or surveys
  • Travel to research sites
  • Participant recruitment

Unacceptable uses of funds include:

  • Funds for purposes other than research (e.g., teaching or service activities)
  • Travel to conferences
  • Tools or equipment that are not necessary for the completion of the research
  • Duplication of tools or equipment with what is currently available at USD
  • Course buy-outs