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A number of the projected fast-growing professions are in health sciences. Our program was developed to respond to the future health care workforce needs of the state and region and allows you to explore many health career options.

The curriculum for this major was developed with input from an advisory board that includes health care providers, industry leaders and educators. Our courses are taught by an interprofessional team. Because of that, you'll participate in hands-on learning through a variety of field experiences.

Our Mission

We provide an interdisciplinary foundation in health care that imparts the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to contribute as a safe and effective member of the interprofessional health care team. The health sciences faculty implements its mission guided by six dynamic and integrated core values. The values are:

  • Caring: A culture of caring characterizes our concern and consideration for the whole person, our commitment to the common good and our outreach to those who are vulnerable.
  • Excellence: A culture of excellence reflects a commitment to continuous growth, improvement and understanding. It is a culture where transformation is embraced and the status quo and mediocrity are not tolerated.
  • Integrity: A culture of integrity is evident when organizational principles of open communication, ethical decision-making and humility are encouraged, expected, and demonstrated consistently.
  • Inclusivity: A culture of inclusivity embraces acceptance and respect, understanding that each individual is unique. A culture of inclusivity is about understanding ourselves and each other, embracing and valuing the richness of each individual.
  • Learner-Centered Education: Active, self-directed learning under the guidance of attentive faculty members provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Social Justice: Social justice grows out of a sense that each person — each created being — has value and is to be treated with dignity. It is a process that (1) seeks fairness; (2) challenges oppression and injustice; (3) empowers all people; (4) and builds social solidarity.