You must apply to the Centralized Application Service for Social Work (SWCAS). The deadline is December 1 for the following May/August. You can begin applying as early as September in the year of application.

SWCAS is a service that collates materials, computes grade point averages and transmits standardized information to the applicant and the social work programs the applicant designates. It takes no part in the evaluation, selection or rejection of applicants. It your responsibility to complete and submit all supporting documentation to SWCAS in a timely manner. The application status check, provided to you as part of the SWCAS service, should be monitored throughout the application process. SWCAS will not forward incomplete applications. See SWCAS Admissions Code of Cooperation for more information.

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Step 1 - Apply

The following materials must be submitted by December 1 to be considered for admission:

Official Transcripts

You are required to send official transcripts from all attended undergraduate and graduate institutions to SWCAS. The transcript request should be mailed to:

SocialWorkCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9212
Watertown, MA 02471

You are not required to submit transcripts, test scores, reference letters or complete the personal statement when applying to the Graduate School. You can submit the Graduate School application without these materials.

You must submit the application and fee by December 1 at the latest, but we recommend submission at the same time as the SWCAS application. This will ensure the application moves forward in the review process.

Failure to return all materials by the stated deadline will result in the withdrawal of the application from consideration for interview or acceptance.

The program communicates with applicants exclusively via email throughout the admissions cycle. It is your responsibility to ensure that the program has the correct email contact information. If you do not receive this communication, contact the program. Failure to follow up with the program may result in withdraw of the application if requested materials are not returned by stated deadlines.

Step 2 - Application Review

After the completed application is verified, it is forwarded to the Department of Social Work for review. A recommendation for admission or denial of the applicant is made by the Department of Social Work to the dean of the Graduate School. The dean makes the final decision as to the admission of a student with either full or provisional status and notifies the applicant. The designation of graduate student applies only to those who have been granted full or provisional admittance.

Step 3 - Complete Enrollment Requirements

Instructions for enrollment requirements will be provided by the social work program after acceptance. You must completed the acceptance package, which includes:

  1. Criminal background check
  2. M.S.W. field practicum application
  3. Health screening
  4. Immunization requirements
  5. Proof of health insurance
  6. Proof of completion for any outstanding prerequisites
  7. Proof of conferred degree

If you have any questions about these items or the admissions process, contact us.