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Wellness on Wheels

Looking for an opportunity to provide staff development opportunities for your department or business? The Wellness Center staff is ready to help with Wellness on Wheels workshops. These are designed to fit into a lunch break or staff meeting, and will provide information to increase your staff's health and overall well-being.

Workshop Fees

$25 per workshop. Workshops will last 30-45 minutes depending on content and participant interaction.

Workshops Offered

  • Zen Fitness: Does your office need a zen makeover? This workshop is a feel-good session that teaches various stress and pain relief techniques such as breathing, meditation and yoga. The class emphasizes "mind over matter" by providing methods that rejuvenate your body, refresh your mind and relax your focus. Also provided are useful breathing mechanics that increase vitality, decrease stress and help you become more mindful.
  • Desk Fitness: An office job that requires sitting at a desk all day can wear down and deactivate your body. Keep your body stimulated by getting fit at your desk! This workshop teaches proper seated posture for injury prevention and provides both simple exercises and full-body workouts that increase strength and mental focus while decreasing stress.
  • Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling): Flexibility, one of the major components of physical fitness, is essential for keeping a healthy range of motion in your muscles. It is also critical for healing current injuries and preventing future ones. This workshop teaches 15 stretches that will loosen you up from head to toe by incorporating a foam roll into each stretch to assist in myofascial release. Foam rolling exercises use your own body weight to help release tension in the muscles. Learning a repeatable stretch routine that covers all your major muscle groups is perfect for fitness in the workplace.
  • Nutrition Basics & Healthy Shopping: In this workshop, we combine three nutrition-based concepts that benefit you and your family's health. You'll learn the importance of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet, as well as daily caloric needs, basic label-reading and how to combine foods for healthy snacks. We'll also provide grocery shopping strategies to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and help you choose the best meal options.
  • Fitness Outreach - We are happy to work with our instructors to line up a special time for your group to come in for a sample class. Stretching, yoga and Zumba are just some examples of classes that can provide professional development opportunities for your group! Classes are subject to instructor and studio availability.

Schedule a Workshop

Interested in scheduling a workshop for your organization? Email us at to get started!

Questions? Contact us at or 605-677-8803.

The Wellness Center provides specialty events and programming to keep our members motivated and excited about staying fit and developing healthy habits. Visit this page often to stay up-to-date on what we have to offer.