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Research Proposal Technology Planning

We'd Like to Help

ITS would like to work with you to make your proposals more competitive and to ensure the success of your awarded projects. All proposal writers are encouraged to contact Jeff Chatham, ITS Information Technology Architect, well in advance of proposal submission to discuss your information technology needs.

Does Your Project Affect or Require Significant IT Resources?

This is best answered after a discussion of your specific project. However, if the answer to any one of the following questions is "yes" then the project may well have significant IT impacts or needs. If any of the answers are yes you should contact ITS.

  • Will you be acquiring computers, lab equipment, or other devices that will connect to the campus data network or will connect to the Internet?
  • Will you be remodeling campus buildings, adding new space, or renting or leasing additional space, that will require network access?
  • Do you plan to write or add new software to existing computer systems?
  • Do you need over one gigabyte of electronic storage for research data or project information?
  • Will you be electronically transmitting large amounts of research data with others across campus or across the Internet?
  • Will you be communicating via the campus network or Internet using voice or video conferencing?
  • Will you be developing or revising a public Web site for the project?
What are Some of the IT Issues That You May Need to Address for Your Project?

Again, this is best answered after a discussion of your specific project. However, below is a partial list of issues you should consider.

  • Purchasing and Implementation
    • What are the roles and responsibilities for installing and maintaining your hardware and software?
    • Should you purchase vendor support and maintenance on computer hardware or software?
    • How will equipment be replaced at the end of its lifecycle?
  • Physical Considerations
    • Is the electrical infrastructure adequate in your chosen location?
    • Can your chosen location accommodate the extra noise generated?
    • Is there adequate space in your chosen location?
    • Will you require additional cooling in your chosen location?
  • Networking
    • Do you require access to campus network?
    • Will you need to transfer data across Internet 1?
    • Will you need to transfer data across Internet 2?
  • Support
    • Will you require significant technical support from IT staff?
    • Will training be needed for technical support staff or users?
  • Data Security and Backup
    • Is the location of your equipment physically secure?
    • How will security updates and patches be handled?l
    • Who may or may not have access to your data?
    • Are there any regulatory issues that apply to your data (HIPPA, FERPA, GLBA, etc…)?
    • How will your data get backed up?