Some majors and programs at USD offer credit for a seminar course designed especially for their first year. Meet weekly and enjoy the benefits of a small class connecting you to a professor who will mentor you, and other students who share this interest with you, through your first semester at USD.

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  • "Are You Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?" - A popular TV game show with a similar title challenges the contestants and the audience to examine what they remember from elementary school (or what they forgot). The text will challenge you to examine what factors influence individual intelligence, and what it takes for brains to work at their best.
  • Connecting Cultures - Designed for Native American freshmen. College is a new environment with exciting opportunities for meeting new people, exploring new ways of interactions, and adjusting to new academic expectations. Connecting Cultures provides students with opportunities to make positive and supportive transitions, meet Native faculty at USD, and explore issues in a cohort-based classroom setting.
  • Media Experience - This course is a first-year seminar designed to introduce students to career, academic, and student media opportunities in Media & Journalism. Join other MJ majors as you help each other successfully navigate the first semester of college. Meet MJ faculty and explore the fields of Strategic Communication and Journalism including Advertising, Digital Media, Journalism and Public Relations. You'll also learn how to get involved in student media organizations as a freshman.
  • Head of the Class: Making a Difference as a Teacher and a Leader - Whether you're a teacher, coach or CEO - you're a leader and you inspire others. Explore the opportunities to be a change agent in your profession while discussing and examining the skills and techniques needed to teach and motivate others. You'll get a first-hand look at a highly-diverse school and discover the daily opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Intro to Dental Professions - This course will give the student an introduction to the dental professions and careers. Exploration of dental hygiene practice and an overview of the USD Dental Hygiene curriculum and degree framework will be included.
  • Serve, Learn and Lead: Service-Learning at USD - Learn how to become an engaged scholar on campus and get involved service opportunities in the community while you are at USD. What is service-learning? Why does it matter? How does it impact the community? And how does it make you more successful in the future?
  • So You Want to be a Doctor? - Your Medical School professor guides you through human physiology experiments and discussions of a bio-medical theme. Students in this Network will enroll in both General Biology (BIOL 151) and General Chemistry (CHEM 112). Due to the rigorous courses attached to this Network, you must have scored a 25 or higher on the math section of your ACT and have ranked in the top 25% of your high school graduating class to be eligible for acceptance into the Pre-Medicine Network.
  • Study Abroad: Global Learning - Have you thought of studying in another city in the US, Europe, Australia, or Asia? This course will introduce you to studying abroad and away during college and how to make the most of your time while you're away from campus. We will also discuss topics related to cross-cultural experiences and the importance of international knowledge and understanding. Go global!
  • Teaching to Make a Difference - Did you ever have a teacher that changed the way you thought about the world or yourself as a learner? Through books and classroom visits you will explore how you can be an exceptional educator who can make a real difference for future generations.
  • World of Art - Art majors are introduced to the art world through lectures from art professionals, demonstrations and visiting artists. Must be an Art major to enroll.
  • Information, Skills and Career Pathways to the Helping Professions - This course introduces the helping professions and the interpersonal skills required within them. An eclectic group of professionals will provide insight into the field, guide career exploration, and aid in the development of basics such as relationship building, active listening, constructing feedback, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Reading for Success - Designed for students with an ACT Reading Score of 16 or below - When starting college, many students feel overwhelmed by the amount of reading they are expected to do, and some stay that way throughout their college career. This course will provide students with specific strategies they can use to improve their reading skills. Through individual and small-group work, students will gain essential reading skills necessary for college success. Readings will be taken from both academic and popular fiction sources.