Parking Map, Rules and Regulations 


  • Parking Rules and Regulations guide the use and administration of the campus parking and transportation system. All motor vehicles and bicycles operated on the university campus are responsible for following the rules and regulations which are administered by the University of South Dakota Police Department.  Failure to abide by the regulations may result in citations, fines, or other penalties. Current information on parking is maintained on the . Any additional information may be obtained at University Police Department office, located in Davidson Building Room 101.
  • All members of the faculty, staff, student body, and employees of entities affiliated with USD who park a vehicle on campus, must pay to park. This can be done through the purchase and display of annual or temporary parking permits or payment at meters.  
  • Lack of familiarity with the parking rules and regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply or cancellation of parking citations.
  • The university assumes no liability for loss of or damage to vehicles or their contents while on university property or within university-administered parking facilities.
  • The University Police Department can be reached at 605-677-5342. Comments and/or questions may be emailed to    


  • University Police personnel have been empowered by the South Dakota Board of Regents to manage the campus parking system and issue citations for violations of these regulations. The University of South Dakota reserves the right to change these regulations as necessary.


  • For the purpose of these regulations, the following words are defined.
    • All-Terrain Vehicle / Utility Terrain Vehicle: An ATV/UTV is a vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and is designed to travel on a minimum of four wheels in contact with the ground.
    • Bicycle: A vehicle operated manually with the turn of pedals and no motor.
    • Delivery Vehicle: Delivery vehicles are considered vehicles owned and operated by commercial businesses. These vehicles require short-term delivery access for pick-up/drop-off of items. Parking in close proximity to the location of delivery is required due to size of items being delivered, amount of items being delivered or timing of delivery.  No parking permit is necessary for delivery vehicles, unless they are occupying a parking spot on campus.
    • Designated Parking Space: A parking space, defined by signage, concrete wheel stops, painted lines on ground, or a parking meter.
    • Dismissed/Waived: A decision made by the Traffic Appeals Committee to waive the fine associated with an appealed citation.
    • Exempt Plate Vehicles: Vehicles owned by Federal, State, City, or university.
    • Impound: To relocate a vehicle from the location last parked using a tow truck.
    • Meter: An electronic unit that requires payment in the form of U.S. quarters. Meters are located at individual parking spaces, meters denote a parking space.
    • Moped: As defined by codified law, a motor driven cycle equipped with two or three wheels. If a combustion engine is used, the maximum piston or rotor displacement shall be fifty cubic centimeters regardless of the number of chambers in such power source. The power source shall be equipped with a power drive system that functions directly or automatically only, not requiring clutching or shifting by the operator after the drive system is engaged.
    • Motorcycle: Includes motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles with motor attached, and all motor operated vehicles of the bicycle or tricycle type, whether the motive power be a part thereof or attached thereto, and having a saddle or seat with the driver sitting astride or upon it, or a platform on which the driver stands, but excluding a tractor.
    • Motor Vehicles:  Any motorized conveyance as defined by the South Dakota Vehicle and Traffic Laws.  This includes but is not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and motor scooters (mopeds).
    • Park/Parking: The placement or standing of a vehicle, with or without a driver in attendance, and with or without the engine running.  
    • Parking Permit: Permission to park on university property.
    • Parking Space: An area designated in a parking lot for the parking of one vehicle.  All spaces in parking lots have painted lines on both sides of the parking space. If there is not a painted line on both sides, it is not a parking space.
    • Service Vehicles: Service vehicles include vehicles owned and operated by vendors or commercial businesses. These vehicles provide a service for the university and actively engage in service or maintenance of the buildings or grounds. Parking in close proximity to the area is required because the vehicle and/or equipment in the vehicle are essential to completing the service. All service vehicles must display a valid University of South Dakota permit and park according to Service permit regulations.
    • Striping/Painting: Yellow, white or blue markings on the pavement that designate a space, a disability space, a curb or sidewalk edge, or the end of a row or designated parking area.
    • Student: Anyone who is enrolled or attends a class for credit or not on the USD campus.
    • University Police Department: The university law enforcement department charged with enforcing parking and traffic regulations, investigating criminal activity, and preserving the safety of the campus community.
    • University Property: Owned and controlled or maintained by USD.
    • Uphold: A decision made by the Traffic Appeals Committee to retain the fine associated with an appealed citation.
    • Visitors: Invited and uninvited guests of the university, its departments, or members of the community and are not affiliated with the university in any way.
    • Void: Elimination of the fine associated with a parking citation.

Parking Committee:

  • The Parking and Traffic Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Executive Committee for all matters related to parking on campus. The committee membership is composed of two faculty members, one staff member, two students, the chair, the Director of Planning and Construction, the Director of University Police, and the Dean of Students. The Parking Committee reviews and provides comments and recommendations to the Executive Committee on campus parking regulations and general parking improvements.

General Violations:

The following schedule in no way limits the right of the University to impose further actions as appropriate.

  • Failure to Register a Vehicle – Parking a vehicle without a registered permit in a university parking space - $30.00
  • Failure to properly Display a Parking Permit – Permit must be hung from rearview mirror, or on the driver side dash - $15.00
  • Expired Parking Meter - $15.00
  • Reserved Parking – $30.00
  • Visitor Parking Only - $30.00  
  • Safety Zone - $30.00
  • Obstructing Traffic - $30.00 (Vehicle subject to impound)
  • Parking in a handicap space without a State Issued Handicap Permit - $100.00 (Handicap spaces require a valid state issued handicap permit displayed along with a valid university parking permit.)
  • No Parking 2am to 6am - $30.00
  • Misuse of Permit – Counterfeiting, altering, theft of, or defacing a permit - $100.00 (Applicable State and Local laws may apply.) 
  • Parking on Grass - $30.00
  • Parking on Sidewalk - $30.00
  • Other Parking Violations – $15.00 (Parking a motor vehicle in such a way or at such time as to cause a violation of any regulation, other than those noted above.)
  • Parking Where Permit Not Valid - $30.00
  • No Parking/Lot Closed - $30.00 (The vehicle is subject to towing and impounding at the owner/operator's expense.)

The disappearance or removal of a parking violation notice from a vehicle does not relieve the violator from their responsibility for the parking violation.

After 15 days all fines double and are eligible to be added to the student's account, or if an employee, withheld from the employee's pay.

Parking Lot Descriptions/Enforcement Schedule:

  • For more detail including locations refer to Campus Parking Map.
    • Red Lots: A Permits are required to park in Red Lots. Parking in Red lots is enforced Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. year round. No parking is allowed between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. in the following Red lots, 6, 6A, 8 (in "A" designated parking areas only), 9A, 12, 14, 18, and 26.
    • Black Lots: B Permits are required to park in Black Lots.  Parking in Black lots is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
    • Yellow Parking Spaces – (Lambda Chi, Lot 29): L Permits are required to park in Yellow parking spaces.  Parking in Yellow parking spaces is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Blue Lots: Blue lots are reserved for visitors as defined in section A.2.  Parking in Blue lots is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Orange Lots: Any vehicle displaying a valid University of South Dakota parking permit is eligible to park in Orange lots.  Parking in Orange lots is enforced Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Purple Lots: Purple Lots are restricted parking; only vehicles authorized by the University Police Department are allowed to park in Purple Lots. Parking in Purple lots is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Metered Parking: Metered parking is provided throughout campus and is only intended to be utilized for short-term parking. Meters are not intended to be used as a daily parking option. Vehicles displaying a valid university parking permit are eligible to park at meters as long as the meter is paid. Meters accept only United States quarters.  Meter parking is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Handicap Parking: Handicap parking is available in several lots across campus.  Handicap spaces require a valid state issued handicap permit displayed along with a valid university parking permit.  Handicap spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Handicap Parking Policy
    • Exempt Plate Vehicle Parking: Federal, state, local and university exempt plate vehicles are not subject to permit parking enforcement.
    • Vehicle Immobilization/Towing: Vehicle Immobilization/Towing Policy 

Parking Permits:

  • All parking on campus, except designated visitor parking and metered parking, is by permit only.  In order to park a motor vehicle on campus in any university parking area, it must be registered and a parking permit must be properly displayed.  Parking permits shall be purchased by members of the faculty, staff, student body, and employees of entities affiliated with the university. 
  • Students and employees who park on campus must register and obtain a or at the Business Office, Slagle Hall, Room 207.
  • Hanging permits are to be hung from the rear-view mirror or placed on the driver's side dash with the permit number visible.  A parking permit is not valid unless displayed correctly on the vehicle. 
  • The purchase of a parking permit only authorizes the parking of a vehicle on campus.  It does not establish a designated parking space.  Spaces in prime parking areas tend to fill first, therefore the motor vehicle operator may have to choose a space in a less convenient location.  Permits sold could exceed the number of available campus parking spaces due to the utilization of spaces, but typically will not. 
  • Lettered permits correspond with signage at each lot entrance and are issued to designate which parking areas may be used.  Permit types are designated based on established criteria. An individual is limited to the purchase of one type of permit. However, one permit can be registered with multiple cars and the purchaser of the permit may physically transfer the permit to any vehicle registered under that permit.  The use of an invalid permit may result in a parking citation.
  • Parking permits are not transferable. Parking access cannot be loaned, leased, borrowed or in any way transferred from one person to another.
  • The owner of the permit is responsible for all parking violations received by any vehicle bearing the permit.
  • Business Office - Parking Permit Costs and Information.  
    • "A" Parking Permit:  Individuals who commute to campus, including faculty, staff, students and affiliates of the university must only purchase an "A" parking permit.  An "A" parking permit allows the permit owner to park in any "A" designated lot.  
    • "B" Parking Permit:  Individuals living on campus in residence halls owned and maintained by the university must only purchase a "B" parking permit.  A "B" parking permit allows the permit owner to park in any "B" designated lot. 
    • "L" Parking Permit: Individuals residing in the Lambda Chi Chapter House may purchase an L parking permit, which allows them to park in the designated Lambda Chi parking spaces in Lot 29, and "A" designated parking lots.
    • "S" Parking Permit: "S" parking permits are intended for work-related use by individuals who provide services to USD and are not directly employed by the university.  "S" parking permits are valid in any University parking lot.  Vendor permits are NOT valid in service spaces, reserved spaces, disability spaces and all other areas not designated as a parking space. 
    • "E" Parking Permit: Individuals who have been granted Emeritus faculty status and have been given a Parking Permit from the university President's office will receive an "E" parking permit.  "E" parking permits are valid in any university parking lot.
    • Temporary Permits:   Temporary permits are available for short term parking on the university campus.  Temporary permits can be purchased at the University Police Department. Cost of a Temporary parking permit is $2.00 per day.
    • Permit Refunds: Refunds on permits are allowed prior to the first day of the spring semester as posted on the university's calendar.  Refunds will be given at one half of the original purchase price of the permit.  Individuals requesting a parking permit refund should return their permit to the Business Office.  Refunds will not be given to an individual with unpaid fines.     

Visitor Parking:

  • Parking permits are required for all visitors of USD who do not park in designated visitor parking lots. Visitor parking is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visitor permits can be obtained at the University Police Department located in the Davidson Building. USD departments who host visitors should make prior arrangements with the University Police Department for visitor parking permits.  Individual departments are not allowed to create their own visitor parking permits without prior approval from the University Police Department.
  • Visitor permits are NOT valid in the following areas:
    • Parking meters
    • Reserved spaces (designated by signage)
    • Handicap spaces (except when a state-issued Handicap permit is also displayed)
    • Any area not designated as a space  

Event Parking:

  • The University Police Department may preempt the use of certain lots or streets for special events. Lots reserved for event parking only will be posted in advance, and regular permit holders will not be allowed to park in lots reserved for an event. Vehicles parked in reserved lots after the lot was posted will be eligible for citation and/or impound. Individuals must abide by posted signage and directions from staff. Failing to comply with directions will result in citation. Departments or event hosts needing event parking services should contact the University Police Department at 605-677-5342.
  • Parking or storage of trailers or RVs is not allowed without prior approval from the University Police Department.


  • For the purpose of these regulations, motorcycle is defined under the definitions section. Permits are not required for motorcycles parked in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas.  Motorcycles are not allowed to park in regular permitted vehicle spaces without a valid university parking permit properly displayed.  Motorcycle operators who wish to park in permitted vehicle spaces should consult with the University Business Office for permit display options.  Motorcycles parked in metered spaces do require payment.  Driving or parking motorcycles on landscape areas, lawn areas or sidewalks/pathways is prohibited at all times.

All-Terrain Vehicle / Utility Terrain Vehicle:

  • For the purpose of these regulations, ATVs/UTVs are defined under the definitions section.  All ATVs/UTVs are required to park in regular parking spaces and display a valid USD parking permit. ATVs/UTVs are not allowed to park in designated motorcycle/moped parking spaces.


  • For the purpose of these regulations, moped is defined under the definitions section.  Moped owners are required to register their moped with the University Police Department prior to parking it on campus.  There is no cost associated with registering a moped.  Mopeds must park in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas only.  Mopeds are not allowed to park in regular permitted vehicle spaces or bicycle racks.  Mopeds parked in metered spaces do require payment.  Driving or parking mopeds on landscape areas, lawn areas or sidewalks/pathways is prohibited at all times.


  • For the purpose of these regulations, bicycle is defined under the definitions section. Bicycles are to be parked in bicycle racks only. Attaching bicycles to any object other than a bicycle rack is prohibited, including but not limited to the following:
    • Trees or other landscape elements
    • Sign posts, meter posts
    • Buildings or walls
    • Fences or other structures
  • Impoundment of bicycles without warning may occur when a bicycle is parked in violation of parking rules and regulations. It is at the discretion of the University Police Department to determine whether a bicycle is parked in a harmful or obstructing manner.
  • When a bicycle is impounded, the bicycle lock is cut and will no longer be useable.
  • Impounded bicycles will be transported and secured at the University Police Department. The owner must correctly identify the bicycle being claimed. Bicycles that are not claimed after 90 days from the date of impound will become designated surplus property and sold at auction.
  • Bicycle registration through the University Police Department is strongly recommended for all bicycle owners. In the event a bicycle is stolen or lost, this will assist in relocating the bicycle and may also allow the University Police Department to identify and contact a bicycle's owner prior to impounding a bicycle.  

Traffic Appeal Process:

  • Citations received due to an extenuating circumstance may be submitted for appeal. After 15 days, citations may no longer be appealed and must be paid.  All appeals must be submitted online to the University Police Department.  After review, the appellant will be notified via email.  Only materials submitted at the time the appeal is filed will be reviewed. 
  • The following are examples of situations and reasons that are not acceptable grounds for appeal and will not be considered.  
    • Lack of knowledge of regulations. For example, being new to campus or have not read regulations.
    • Other vehicles were also parked improperly, late to class or appointment.
    • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine(s).
    • Lack of space.
    • Unread or misunderstood signs.
    • Parking for only a short period of time with or without flashers.
    • Parked in a handicap area without a valid DMV handicap placard or plate.
    • The violation is just "not fair".
    • Parked at an expired meter for any period of time.
    • Parked at an expired meter because you have a permit. 
  • Parking Citation Appeals submitted with inappropriate, crude, or threatening language will be automatically denied. 
  • The decision whether or not to grant the appeal will be based solely upon matters indicated in the citation or stated in the appeal form. All citations will result in one of the following:
    • Appeal granted – all fines retracted.
    • Appeal partially granted – fine due.
    • Appeal denied - all fines due.
  • Upon completion of the Appellant's appeal he/she will be notified via email within five business days of the Traffic Appeals Committee's decision. The decision of the Traffic Appeals Committee is FINAL.
  • Submit your parking appeal