Brett Mockler

Assistant Director of Admissions
Territory: Transfers who have attended a Non-BOR college or university
Phone: 605-658-6229
Hometown: Vermillion, S.D.
College Attended: University of South Dakota
Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/History

What was your nickname growing up or now? 

Well I had a few different nicknames growing up but the one that stuck for the longest has to be Mock. Yeah I know, real creative huh!  

What is one thing about you students would be surprised to learn? 

That if you search my name on International Movie Database ( you will see that I was a big Hollywood star! Well at least in my mind I was, turns out my scene got cut, but I am still in the credits!  

You discover that the person you're head-over-heels interested in loves a good homemade & handmade dessert.What will you concoct when you have this person over? 

Well if I had to win somebody over I would probably cook up my famous BBQ Ribs, I really do make killer ribs and homemade BBQ sauce! As for dessert, well I would go with éclair cake, I mean come on whip cream, vanilla pudding, graham crackers and chocolate! What's not to love about this dessert!  

According to the late artist Andy Warhol, everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. What happened during your 15 minutes? 

Well I would have to say that I have not had my 15 minutes yet. I feel that I am just getting into the prime of my life so I will let you know when my 15 minutes are up!