Lizzie Konz

Admissions Counselor
Territory:Sioux Falls Washington High School, Brookings, Lake & Moody Co., S.D., SW Minn., Union/Lincoln/Turner Counties in South Dakota, Northern Iowa
Phone: 605-658-6221
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
College Attended: University of South Dakota
Major: Communication Studies

What's one song that when it comes on the radio you have to sing along to?

Anything by Justin Timberlake.                                                                                             

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Rugrats!  I even had a Rugrats theme birthday party and we played pin the diaper on Tommy Pickles.

What was your nickname growing up or now?

My full name is Elizabeth and Lizzie is a nickname my aunt called me when I was younger.

If you didn't have to worry about working or lack of time what one thing would you do?

I would love to take photography classes and invest in a really nice camera.  Maybe someday.