The College of Arts & Sciences delivers 28 different undergraduate majors in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. We give our students the knowledge to understand our rapidly-changing world, creating informed and engaged citizens who stay intellectually curious for the rest of their lives.

Our students graduate with the skill set employers seek – the ability to think creatively and analytically, to communicate effectively and to work with others in teams to solve complicated problems. They are prepared to enter the workforce to pursue one of our 17 masters or eight doctoral degrees, or to head off to graduate and professional schools. We’ve had more than 115 students win prestigious, nationally-competitive scholarships, a record unmatched in the state.

As the heart of liberal arts education at USD, we’ve educated our state’s leaders for more than 125 years. We continue to support students by offering:

  • More majors and minors than any other academic unit in the state
  • An opportunity to learn in small classes taught by nearly 200 Arts & Sciences faculty
  • The ability to conduct research with faculty and engage in creative scholarship
  • More than 400 permanently-endowed scholarships exceeding $30 million
  • The chance to see the world on study abroad trips, made possible by a $1 million endowment

Our Mission

To fulfill its primary mission of serving the people of South Dakota and the region, the College of Arts & Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines, provides an intellectual foundation for the entire University, delivers high-quality instruction through traditional and innovative means, advances knowledge through original research and scholarship, disseminates that knowledge through publication and classroom instruction, and serves the academic disciplines.

The College of Arts & Sciences is deeply committed to the values and principles of academic freedom and integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity, and respect for diversity. To fulfill its mission, the College emphasizes - as life-long pursuits - the search for truth and learning, the development of personal responsibility and global stewardship, dedication to democratic citizenship, and the application of multidisciplinary problem-solving to improve the human condition.

Diversity Statement

The College of Arts & Sciences, being the heart of liberal arts education at USD, recognizes the importance of a diverse, inclusive, multicultural campus, in which the various perspectives and contributions of students, faculty, and staff of different backgrounds are appreciated and welcomed. Through its curriculum and policies, the college strives to foster a campus community that is culturally responsive, respectful, and inclusive of all its members regardless of language, race, culture, age, socio-economic status, ethnic background, nationality, disabilities, veteran's status, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Through these efforts, the college prepares students for the complexities and challenges of an interdependent, globalized world and contributes to excellence in learning, discovery and engagement.