Jordan Foye"Some of the most important events in my college career have happened because I attended professional conferences."

Jordan Foye - Troy Mills, IA
Majors: Anthropology, Earth Sciences

I chose USD because the campus felt like home and the people I met were welcoming and supportive. I'm inspired by Professor Sayre who has been supportive of me and my goals. He pushed me to do things I wouldn't normally have done or thought of doing and I'm very grateful he has taken the time to work with me.

Attending professional conferences has made a difference in my college experience. That's how I received my freshman internship at the PaleoResearch Institute. I have been to a professional conference every year of college and they've kept me in touch with professionals and important areas of research and discussion in my fields.

In addition to my studies, I am involved in the Anthropology Program Enthusiasts Society (A.P.E.S.), Geology Club and the Honors Program. I have had the opportunity to do internships for the PaleoResearch Institute, South Dakota Geological Survey and be a lab researcher under Professor Sayre in the Department of Anthropology.

My post-graduation plans are to go to graduate school to study geology.

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Jordan Foye