Anthropology Undergraduate

Historic Burial

Students helped to excavate the remains of soldiers in Peru.

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We provide a general education in four subfields: Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology.


Anthropology: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

The B.A. program emphasizes the humanistic elements of anthropology and culture. The B.S. program emphasizes the humanistic and scientific elements in anthropology and culture.

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The Classroom & Beyond

After Graduation

Our anthropology program with a strong liberal arts background has prepared our past graduates for work in a number of areas.

Potential Careers
Art and natural history museums
CRM projects
Research assistance and field work
Small business ownership
Social services
International agencies and businesses

Success Stories

Success Stories

Some of the most important events in my college career have happened because I attended professional conferences. Jordan Foye, 2013 Graduate