Austin EggersAustin Eggers - Rosholt, SD
Major: Medical Biology

Majoring in medical biology eased the transition between my undergraduate years and medical school. By the time I began the first block, I had already been exposed to nearly all the material through my medical biology major. This helped me significantly for the first few months.

The major is challenging, but the work I put in during my undergraduate years lightened my load in medical school. Since I am attending medical school at the Sanford School of Medicine, it was helpful that I took elective classes that were taught by medical school professors, like microbiology, neurobiology and biochemistry. This helped me become familiar with each professor’s teaching style and question-writing, which was a plus for the first exams in some blocks.

Erin SternhagenErin Sternhagen - Groton, SD
Major: Medical Biology

I knew prior to entering college that I wanted to become a physician and the medical biology major was the best way to accomplish that goal.

The undergraduate courses I took were engaging, well designed and prepared me to become a health care provider. My professors were willing to answer questions, write letters of recommendation and help me gain extracurricular experiences in the sciences.

I had positions that allowed me to perform advanced research as early as the second semester of my freshman year. I sequenced DNA in a research laboratory in the biology department and was accepted to complete further research in a lab at the Sanford School of Medicine.

In addition to undergraduate research, I was involved in the Honors program, worked as a student ambassador, sang in the university choir and helped with several volunteer organizations. As a sophomore, I was selected for the nationally competitive Fulbright Summer Institute Program.

The medical biology major took away the stress of taking the MCAT and applying to medical schools. I had studied the material covered on the MCAT in my classes and was prepared for the challenge.

Now, as a second-year medical student at the Sanford School of Medicine, I am confident in my decision to enroll in the medical biology program. The professors I had in my undergraduate studies provided a solid foundation and now teach my medical school classes.

If you are interested in the medical field, USD is the place for you and the medical biology program will help you to succeed.