Scholarship Recipients

The Chemistry Department annually awards over $20,000 in scholarships and awards to about 30 undergraduate students. This is a testament to the generosity of our alumni and friends of the department.

Scholarship & Award Descriptions

ACS Analytical Division Award

The Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society gives an award to an undergraduate chemistry student who shows outstanding potential in analytical chemistry. The award consists of an 8-month subscription to the journal, Analytical Chemistry and an honorary membership in the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the ACS. The award is presented to a junior chemistry major based on his or her performance in Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 332) and overall academic performance.

ACS Organic Chemistry Achievement Award

The Division of Polymer Chemistry ACS Award is given to a sophomore or junior student who has completed or will complete the second semester of organic chemistry during the current academic year. The recipient must be a chemistry major with an overall grade point average of at least 3.4, achievement of grades of A in each semester of organic chemistry and must rank in the top 10% of the class each semester.

American Institute of Chemists Award

This award is given to honor an outstanding senior majoring in chemistry, usually an ACS-certified major who plans to pursue a career in chemistry. The award is given in recognition of potential advancement of the chemical profession on the basis of the student's demonstrated record of leadership, ability, character, and scholastic achievement. In addition to a one-year free Student Associate Membership in the AIC, the student receives a certificate bearing his/her name.

The Selma Elizabeth Anderson Memorial Scholarship

The Selma Elizabeth Anderson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1981 by Sidney E. and Edis J. Anderson in memory of Sidney's mother. Contributors to this fund are Sidney and Edis Anderson and their children, Lucinda, Susan, Sidney Edison and Shaun Anderson, and the John Deere Foundation. The Selma Elizabeth Anderson Scholarship is given to an outstanding chemistry major finishing their junior year and is planning to attend medical school.

Thomas Beukelman Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Beukelman graduated from USD in 1947 with a B.A. degree in Chemistry. The Thomas Beukelman Memorial Scholarship is given to a student finishing their sophomore or junior year, is working toward a professional chemistry major and is interested in pursuing a career in chemistry.

CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

The CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award is given to a top student in the freshman chemistry program. The award consists of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics with a commemorative scroll mounted on the inside front cover.

Josephine & William Flevares Memorial Foundation Freshman Scholarship

The Josephine and William Flevares Memorial Foundation Freshman Scholarship is an endowed fund established by Constatine Flevares, Ph.D. (USD 1957-1959), in honor of his parents. The earnings from the Flevares Scholarship Endowment are used to support scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen who have an ACT of 26 or higher and who rank in the top 15% of their high school graduating class. One scholarship is awarded each year to an incoming freshman who plans to major in chemistry and one to a pre-medicine major. The Director of Admissions and Financial Aid is responsible for selecting the recipients.

Arthur Lee Haines Scholarship

The Arthur Lee Haines Chemistry Scholarship Fund was established by Arthur L. Haines, USD Professor of Chemistry for 71 years, from 1904-1975, to encourage scholarship in the study of chemistry and to advance the purposes and dignity of man. Interest from this endowed account is used to award the scholarships to outstanding chemistry majors finishing their freshman year. The scholarship is given to students who have shown outstanding potential for future professional growth in some field of chemistry through their work during their freshman year.

Harrington Book Award

The Harrington Book Award is given to an outstanding senior chemistry major who has distinguished himself or herself in service to the university and the Department of Chemistry.

Merck Index Award

The Merck Index Award is given to an outstanding chemistry major in his or her senior year. Selection is based on scholastic achievement, as well as other qualities that the department may determine. The award is usually given to a graduating senior who plans to go to medical school and consists of the latest edition of the Merck Index with the student's name imprinted in gold on the cover.

Merit Awards

Merit Awards are given to recognize chemistry majors with outstanding academic records (usually GPA greater than 3.0) who are not selected for the other awards.

General Lloyd R. Moses Research Awards

This endowed fund was established in 1996 by Major General Lloyd R. Moses, U.S. Army Ret., to fund undergraduate research stipends and scholarships within the Chemistry Department. The recipients perform research with chemistry faculty members during the summer months.

Joseph F. & Martha P. Nelson Scholarship

The Joseph and Martha Nelson Scholarship was established in 1995 upon the death of Joseph Nelson, Ph.D., who earned his Master's degree in Chemistry from USD in 1933. The scholarship is given to a chemistry major finishing the sophomore or junior year who is of good moral character and is in the upper one-fourth of his/her class and/or maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The Arthur M. Pardee Prize

The Arthur M. Pardee Prize was endowed in 1986 by Pardee's son, John M. Pardee (USD 1946), after many years of supporting the Prize on an annual basis. Arthur M. Pardee, Ph.D. joined the USD faculty in 1920 and served the university in many capacities, including chair of the Chemistry Department, dean of the Graduate School and dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. The Pardee Prize is given to a senior chemistry major who has shown outstanding interest and professional development in chemistry through contributions of time and efforts to the Chemistry Department.

Joseph R. Spies Chemistry Scholarship

Joseph R. Spies, Ph.D., a 1927 USD graduate, established this endowed scholarship in 1986. Spies earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Maryland in 1934 and spent his research career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC. Earnings generated from the Joseph R. Spies Chemistry Scholarship Endowment Fund are used to provide annual scholarships to outstanding students finishing their sophomore or junior year. Criteria for selection shall include academic achievement and financial need. Preference is usually given to students with an interest in pursuing a career in chemistry. Several scholarships are given each year.

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