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With approximately 80 chemistry majors, we are small enough to focus on the needs of individual students but large enough to provide the resources for a rich and varied educational environment.


Chemistry: Bachelor of Science (Coordinate Major)

The coordinate major is intended for students who anticipate going to medical school or some other professional school, but would like to major in chemistry. The coordinate major provides more flexibility to take non-chemistry courses recommended by professional schools and the chemistry coursework can be completed in three years.

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Chemistry: Bachelor of Science (American Chemical Society ACS Major)

The ACS major is intended for students interested in employment as a chemist or graduate study in chemistry and approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The ACS major provides solid background in chemistry, physics, and math, and prepares for work as a professional chemist.

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Chemistry: B.S. with Secondary Education Certification

For a teaching major in Chemistry, complete the Chemistry degree along with the appropriate teaching certification courses.

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The Classroom & Beyond

  • The Chemistry Department has a strong research program involving undergraduate, M.S., and Ph.D. students working closely with faculty members.

  • Wendi Sapp was honored with the Dell-Intel/O’Brien Award for Undergraduate Students for her research on computationally modelling metal-organic supercontainers at the 54th annual Sanibel Symposium.

  • The Chemistry Club goal is to make chemistry more exciting and intriguing for a wide variety of students.

After Graduation

Recent chemistry graduates from USD are working for distinguished organizations including the following companies.

Potential Careers

  • Senior Research Chemist
  • Director of Business Development
  • Project Specialist
  • Technical Specialist
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Patent Officer
  • Senior Researcher
  • Director
  • Formulation Scientist
  • Assistant Professor

Recent Employers

  • Avantor Performance Materials
  • SciAps
  • Critical Diagnostics
  • Agilent Technoligies
  • Amgen
  • US Patent Office
  • Idaho National Lab
  • Midasyn
  • Glatt Air Techniques
  • Union County College

Success Stories

Success Stories

Undergraduate research played an integral part in my experience at USD. Trevor Kindle, 2013 Graduate