Erin Rasmussen"I saw USD as the university that would offer me many opportunities to grow and better myself."

Erin Rasmussen - Vermillion, SD
Major: Communication Studies (Pre-med)
2012 Alumna

I feel the world is dependent on communication. With a communication studies major, I am able to study and understand how messages and interactions influence life.

I saw USD as the university that would offer me many opportunities to grow and better myself. It has several ways for students to be involved on campus and in the community. Greek life has made a huge difference in my college experience. I am surrounded by hard-working and determined women who set examples of values and standards to live by.

My involvement in Kappa Alpha Theta, Pre-Med Society, College Against Cancer, Student Government Association and Adopt-A-School let me meet and work with a variety of students and staff.

USD is different from other schools because it is continually trying to create an environment that encourages students and staff to strive to be their best and better those around them. From the renovations of buildings, the creation of new academic programs and the support of student organizations, USD is determined to see growth and improvement.

My post-graduation plans are to complete the requirements to apply to medical school. By taking classes in both science and communication, I have a well-rounded, liberal arts education. While some see the separation between the programs, my experience leads me to feel the two programs can be related.

Receiving my B.S. in communication studies has given me the confidence to chase the dreams that I had growing up. Each instructor and professor in this department has supported me from the start and helped me succeed in every way possible. It was one of the best decisions in my academic career. Getting a degree in communication studies is a smart decision since it can be used in numerous ways in the "real world." I am 100 percent satisfied with my degree and encourage everyone to take a class in the department to get a feel of how it correlates to everyday situations.

-Derek Zomer B.S. 2010