Computer Science Undergraduate

Lead the Way

Our program prepares you to lead the way in this dynamic, growing professional field. 

High school students planning to major in computer science should have a solid math background (four years preferred), along with science and humanities courses that promote reasoning and good communication skills.


Computer Science: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

This program is very flexible and allows students to choose other areas of emphasis such as Information Sciences.

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The Classroom & Beyond

After Graduation

Our computer science graduates work in nearly all segments of industry, education, health sciences and government.

Potential Careers

  • Micro Computer Analyst
  • Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Programmer

Recent Employers

  • Citibank
  • EROS Data Center
  • Hewlett Packard
Success Stories

Success Stories

I chose to pursue a master’s degree in computer science because the job availability after graduating would be great. Ken Pike, 2013 Graduate