The criminal justice program maintains close working relations with other related disciplines, and our faculty have considerable experience as prosecutors, probation or corrections officers and police officers at every level of government.

You'll find our grads at work anywhere issues of justice and law enforcement arise such as law firms, federal agencies, child welfare, private investigation and national defense. Our grads also work for local and regional law enforcement agencies such as police, state patrol, border patrol and others.

Our Program has Four Major Objectives

  1. To provide qualified personnel for all segments of the criminal justice system, as well as many related agencies of government.
  2. To improve the competencies and professional status of existing criminal justice personnel, as well as provide research and educational assistance to criminal justice agencies.
  3. To build a foundation for responsible citizenship by creating a better public understanding of the criminal justice system wherein the great questions of the relationship of the individual to the state are most intensely presented.
  4. To provide a sound basic education in criminal justice for graduates who choose to pursue master, doctoral and law degrees after graduation.