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Weather, Minerals, Fossils, Water

Earth Sciences is a broad science, employing many skills learned in chemistry, physics and biology.

In this age of technological wizardry and space exploration, it's surprising how much we still have to learn about the ground on which we walk. That's where earth scientists come in.

Some earth scientists explore the earth's structure, rocks, minerals, fossils and water. Some study the atmosphere and the production of weather, and the relationships of oceans to land. Others examine the effects of the environment on humans, and, more importantly, the effects of humans on the environment.

We Offer:

The Department of Earth Sciences offers an undergraduate major leading to a B.S. degree. By studying earth sciences, you will gain extensive hands-on experience through summer internships, research opportunities and field trips. We have strong ties with the South Dakota Geological Survey. This offers you additional resources and internship opportunities.

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Timothy Heaton
(605) 677-6122