Peter Wheelhouse"Spend your undergraduate time studying something that you truly enjoy!"

Peter Wheelhouse - Sioux Falls, SD
Majors: History, M.B.A. (2009)
2005 Alumni

I chose USD because it was a perfect sized campus where I could get the best bang for my buck. I spent three years at a university that I had to ride a bus from my on campus residence hall to most of my classes. USD offered the same experiences, without having to walk several miles or catch a bus between classes.

I chose history as my major after having a meaningful conversation with my big brother. He helped me understand that an undergraduate degree should be spent studying something that you love doing. I came to the realization that I have always loved to learn about origins and understand the full background of a situation. With this, history was a natural fit.

I was inspired most by History Methods/Historiography with Professor Bucklin. This class let me explore any topic of my choosing and do research in order to develop an understanding and formulate my own opinion of the outcome. It was one of the few times in my undergraduate career that I was given the reins and allowed to explore something that both interested me and in the manner I deemed fit.

I am currently an AVP/Project Manager at Citibank in Mason City, Iowa. Though it is not an obvious transition, I utilize the skills obtained from my undergraduate history experience every day. These include asking questions to better understand a situation, developing solutions based on past experiences, critical analysis of documents and contracts and the ability to clearly and concisely convey information.

Alanea White"My favorite thing about USD is the ease of finding someone who is willing to help you with just about anything."

Alanea White - Sandstone, MN
Majors: History, Anthropology

Ten minutes into my tour of USD I could see myself spending the next four years here. After meeting with some of the faculty on my tour I was positive that USD was exactly where I wanted to get my undergraduate degree.

My decision to major in history and anthropology came from lots of encouragement from my high school history and economics teacher. They gave me the ability to take something that I thought was just a silly idea and make it a reality.

My favorite things about USD are the ease of finding someone who is willing to help you with just about anything, the people are of course my favorite part and it puts forth an incredible effort to make the university a student's home.

In addition to my studies, becoming a community advisor (CA) has had a great impact on my college experience. As a CA I have had the chance to support others and give them an environment for successfully reaching their own goals. This opportunity has had one of the most significant impacts on my college experience thus far.

My post-graduation plans are to join either the Peace Corps or Americorps for two years to gain experience working with non-government organizations. Once I complete that, I plan on getting my master's degree in hope to work with non-government organizations or perhaps to run my own.

John Buchkoski"I really like history. I think I want to keep going down this path.”

John Buchkoski - Sioux Falls, SD
Majors: History, Anthropology

I chose USD because two of my best friends were attending and I wanted to stay close to home. I was inspired to become a history major because of Professor Burrow's "Reacting to the Past" game for honors. I really enjoyed doing the basic research for it.

I have three mentors who have inspired me. Professor Lehmann was the first professor to really push me to excel in history, Professor Burrow showed me the humor and complexities of history and Professor Sayre invited me to join him on a once in a lifetime adventure to dig at an excavation site at Chavin de Huantar. These professors have helped me dictate the direction that I am heading to pursue a history and anthropology degree.

My favorite part about USD is the interaction and concerns that professor's display towards their students. In history many of my classes have been smaller than thirty students, so I have been able to get to know the teachers well and they know who I am and able to set high expectations for me. I enjoy the challenge and like to prove myself.

In addition to my studies, I was able to take part in the Honors Program. It has been a great community for me to know future scholars and dedicated professors.

My post-graduation plans are to attend graduate school for history or pursue a master's in information sciences.