Carrie Brown“Introduction of a relevant topic in the classroom was a driving factor in my success.”

Carrie Brown - Omaha, NE

Professor Lio encouraged me to learn the R statistical scripting language. I began his course with absolutely no experience or knowledge of R. After his class, I continued to use R for data manipulation and analysis in my research and then in my job as a genomic data analyst.

Today, I work at the Holland Computing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I am the facilities only employee with knowledge and experience with R. As such, I had the opportunity to teach a day-long Software Carpentry Workshop on the use of R. This workshop was a wonderful success and we will continue to offer it.

Because of learning R, I was able to acquire skills that not only provided me with a valuable tool that I can and have used on a regular basis, but has also been a primary driving factor in the success of my career.