Jackson Yates“Make sure you always make school your first priority, but be involved on campus. Build your network through involvement on campus. That way when you graduate, you not only have a degree in your hand, but a plan of action of just what you want to do with your life.”

Jackson Patrick Yates - Jefferson, SD
Majors: History

To me, USD was the best choice for not only the quality of education, but also the affordability and the large school feel but small town atmosphere.

My high school history teacher was not only an educator with a history degree, but also a member of the South Dakota National Guard. He was the friendliest and most helpful teacher I had while I was going to high school. He left an impression on me that I still try to live up to today.

ROTC has made the largest difference in my life. Not only has it prepared me for what I want to do with my post college career path, but it has refined me as a person. ROTC has taught me a level of respect and discipline that I would have never been able to achieve myself.

My favorite thing about USD is the fact that I am not the only person that wants to make a difference. I always push myself to give the extra time I have to give back to the community in any way. There is always someone from my fraternity or the ROTC program right there with me trying to make the same difference in the lives of others.

In addition to my studies, I’m a member of Phi Kappa Theta, Veterans Club, ROTC of USD, South Dakota National Guard and a coach for South Dakota Special Olympics.

My post-graduation plans through ROTC are to achieve Active Duty in the Army and become a Second Lieutenant in the Chemical Corps.